Shodenji famed for David Bowie who shed tears for its serenity

Shodenji, zen garden in KyotoGallery

Serenity of zen garden with arranged azalea trees

colored trees in Shodenji

Shodenji is a temple of the Nanzenji school of the Rinzai sect of Buddhism.  It is located in Kyoto and was founded in 1273 during the Kamakura period. The main hall is an important cultural property that was moved from Fushimi Castle in 1652.  The zen garden (Karesansui) in the photo was created in the early Edo period (Edo period: 1603-1868).

With the trimmings of azalea trees arranged in a balance of 7, 5, and 3, the garden is also known as “Crossing of the Lion Cubs Garden” with a view of Mount Hiei.

Shodenji on the side of its gate

Shodenji is located in the area that is a bit further away from the city and is not frequented by many tourists, but it is so famous for its tranquility that David Bowie shed tears when he visited.

To get there, take Kyoto City Bus from Kyoto Station, get off at Shinkoin-mae bus stop, and walk 15 minutes.


正伝寺 京都
正伝寺 京都 | 臨済宗南禅寺派・吉祥山正伝護国禅寺
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