A zen garden with an out-of-this-world projection of maple trees

Reflection of Maple Trees on the floor in HotokujiGallery

Out-of-this-world Projection of Maple Trees

When the maple leaves are reflected in the floor, a fantastic view spreads out in front of you. This amazing scene, similar to that of upside-down Fuji, can be seen at Houtokuji Temple, a famous temple in Gunma Prefecture.

Houtokuji Temple was founded in the Houtoku era (around 1450) of the Muromachi period (1336-1573) by the 73rd head priest of the Rinzai sect from Kenchoji Temple, and was founded by Masatsuna Sano, a lord of the Kiryu area.

Here at Hotokuji Temple, a special scene, tokomomiji, is unveiled during the Botan Festival in spring (usually held during the Golden Week holidays) and the Autumn Momiji Festival.  During this period, visitors can enter the interior of the main hall, which is usually closed to the public, and view the aesthetic reflections of maple leaves and other scenery on the floor.

Zen Garden of Extreme Simplicity and Picturesque View

Zen Garden in Hotokuji

Directly in front of the main hall is the zen garden, called Karesansui. It is a stone garden with only stones and sand to express the beauty of nature, omitting all unnecessary things.

zen garden seen through a window in Hotokuji

The view of the zen garden seen through a decorative window located to the left of the entrance, is picturesque and beautiful.

It is a 13-minute cab ride from Akagi Station or Airo Station on the Tobu Railway in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture.

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