Awarded three stars in the Michelin?


A remarkably attractive scenery of Hokokuji


zen garden in Hokokuji

Hokokuji is a Zen temple of the Kenchoji sect of the Rinzai sect, founded in 1334. The founder is Ashikaga Ietoki, the grandfather of Ashikaga Takauji.  Ashikaga Takauji was the general of the warriors (sided with Northern Dynasty) that established the Muromachi Shogunate.

bamboo garden and cafe in Hokokuji

There is a magnificent bamboo grove called the “Bamboo Garden” behind the main hall, and because of it, this temple is also known as the “Bamboo Temple”.   There is a walking path built in the bamboo garden and a café where you can enjoy powdered green tea.

Simplicity of zen garden in Hokokuji

The Karesansui garden in the courtyard is also a wonderful sight to behold, with the mountain behind as a borrowed landscape.

The scenery of the temple is so attractive that it has been awarded three stars in the Michelin tourist edition, and you can enjoy the seasonal flowers.

To get there, take the Keihin Kyuko Bus from Kamakura Station, bound for Kamakura Reien Shomen Mae Tachiarai/Kanazawa Hakkei/Highland, for about 12 minutes, and get off at the Jomyoji bus stop.


報国寺 HOUKOKUJI ~竹の庭 鎌倉 報国寺~
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