Welcome to our site, Zen Garden-Beautiful Japanese Garden, a fun site introducing ideas for Zen Garden and its authentic beauty.

We also showcase some miniatures and decors in zen garden styles.


Zenrinji with a beautiful pattern of sand mosaic

Zenrin-ji Temple, also known as Eikando, was originally built by a disciple of Kukai during the Heian period (794-1185) ...

A park that was awarded three stars by Michelin?

Ritsurin Park in Takamatsu is worth the bother of a trip!? Ritsurin park was designated as a "Special Place of ...

Kenninji, appreciated as the oldest zen temple in Kyoto

A beautiful zen garden in the oldest zen temple in Kyoto Kenninji Temple (Kenninji), built in 1202, is said to be t...

Awarded three stars in the Michelin?

The scenery of Hokokuji is so attractive that it has been awarded three stars in the Michelin tourist edition, and you can enjoy the seasonal flowers.

A zen garden with an out-of-this-world projection of maple trees

When the maple leaves are reflected in the floor, a fantastic view spreads out in front of you. This amazing scene, similar to that of upside-down Fuji, can be seen at Houtokuji Temple, a famous temple in Gunma Prefecture.

Meigetsuin with its fantastic world seen through a window

Meigetsuin Temple with its many facets Meigetsuin is a temple of the Kenchoji sect of the Rinzai sect, located in Y...

A zen garden lit up to create an indescribably beautiful scene

Zen Garden in Seiryuden lit up at night Shoren-in was founded in 1150 during the Heian period (794-1185) by Kakkai ...

Sanzenin Temple, famous for its lush moss garden

Sanzen-in is a place where you can enjoy the seasonal scenery of the garden with its lush moss and autumn leaves. Check out another idea for your zen garden!

Shodenji famed for David Bowie who shed tears for its serenity

Serenity of zen garden with arranged azalea trees Shodenji is a temple of the Nanzenji school of the Rinzai sect of...

A stunning zen garden-located in the site of World Heritage!

Have you seen a zen garden in Koyasan, which is famous for the Site of World Heritage? These are another photos for your ideas for zen gardens!
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