Tohteki-ko in Ryoanji, the most beloved courtyard in Japan!

Tohteki-ko, courtyard of DaitokujiGallery

Thoteki-ko in Ryogenin (a part of Daitoku-ji temple complex)

courtyard, Tohteki-ko close-up

This garden is a must-see when you visit Ryogenin.

Tohteki-ko in Higashi no Niwa (East Garden) is a small courtyard of Ryogenin, and is also known to represent zen gardens in Japan.

The size of Tohteki-ko is about 2 tatami mats (3.24 square meter).  Perfectly balanced in such a small space, Tohteki-ko is an elegant expression of the beauty of zen’s nothingness that draws its viewers in.

To get to Ryogenin, take a 5 minutes bus (city bus) ride from Kita-oji-station on Kyoto City Subway-Karasuma Line.

zen garden in Ryogennin, Daitokuji

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