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Zen Garden, RyoanjiDefinition&Story

This site introduces the Japanese miracle, Zen Garden, which inspires and heals visitors to Japan with its mysterious, quiet and sighingly beautiful sceneries. The purpose of this site is to help our site visitors to become familiar with Zen Garden, enjoy its beauty, and enjoy it as their own!

What is the Zen Garden?


A Japanese rock garden, Zen Garden has obtained endorsement from Japanese garden enthusiasts and Japanese enthusiasts. It is widely known that Queen Elizabeth praised a zen garden in Ryoanji, when she visited Japan in 1975.  Zen Garden, highly acclaimed by the queen of England which has a long history of gardening is one of the garden styles represented by Ryoanji (located in Kyoto Ukyo-ku, Kyoto).

Its typical style is a simple one consisting of garden stones and sand. The white sand mainly represents the surface of the water, and the stones represent mountains. Among many zen gardens, there are also ones that create magnificent views with different tastes by the use of many mosses and plants that are placed.

What is the purpose of zen gardens?


Zen Garden is said to have originally started in the 11th century as an attempt to build a garden at a small site without water. Also, when talking about dry landscape gardens, the Zen idea of ​​”unifying the spirit and pursuing the truth, searching for the truth of one’s own existence” is an absolutely essential part. Historically, in around the 14th century, this Zen idea became popular, and Zen Garden has been used as a place for Zen ceremonies since then.

Eventually, the Zen ritual place was moved indoors and was built as a place for meditation.  Zen Garden is designed so that you can spend time looking at the space from inside, rather than taking a walk. It is a garden whose purpose is to face nature with its beautiful view that is created by eliminating a waste as much as possible, and to become “nothing” by integrating one’s existence with the nature and to stand on the ground of finding oneself.

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